Health of the nation

Benenden is a leading UK mutual health provider, with a compelling authority in health matters and a great story to tell. We are tasked with telling that story, so we started with creating an annual report that gauges the state of the nation’s health and marks Benenden as a leading authority on the nation’s wellbeing.

We surveyed 4,000 people on health indicators. BMI, sleep patterns, exercise regime, cigarettes, even the number of glasses of water they drank per day, in order to find the nation’s Mr & Mrs (Health) average Research showed that they fell short of all but one of the key government health recommendations, enabling us to create a report with genuinely shocking statistics about the state of the nation’s health. Storm then sold in the report to national, broadcast and online media.  

Storm worked with The Sun on an exclusive three-page spread, with brand credits and a website link. Then we hit the Mail Online, which was ranked so highly on the homepage that it drove over a million clicks to the Benenden website – far more than the entire digital spend Benenden had ever created. In total, 90 items of coverage were achieved across national, regional, trade, consumer and online sites.

Benenden National Health Report