Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

Burts Chips has always been about doing it right and enlivening dull lunches, so when they tasked Storm with bringing this idea to life we came up with the search for the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich, a fully integrated campaign across national, regional, and social media.

We worked with TV chef Dean Edwards to create eight different sandwich combinations using flavours from the Burts Chips range and a selection of ingredients sourced from the South West where possible.

The recipes were photographed and sold in to national and regional media, and videos were created by Storm to bring four of the recipes to life. These were featured on the Daily Star Facebook page, and also resulted in a 20 minute Facebook Live feature on the Mail Online page, seen by over 50,000 people. A social media competition was run to find the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich by inviting fans on Facebook and Twitter to vote over eight weeks for the favourite recipe.

Over 17m people saw the campaign across print, online and social media, with 10,000 people voting over a two-month period for their favourite crisp sandwich: A Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion Summer Roll with Roasted Vegetables. 61 pieces of coverage and 270,000 video views ensured this campaign thrust Burts Chips into the limelight when it came to crisp sandwiches.

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