Creating a Stur

Stur is a low calorie water enhancer launching into the UK that uses natural sweetener Stevia. Tapping into consumer demand for healthier, natural drinks that don’t compromise taste, Storm engaged 50 key female bloggers, championing the product benefits and Stur as the lifestyle choice for busy women on the go.  Bloggers trialled the product, sharing their recommendations with followers and friends to drive peer-to-peer endorsement.

Dedicated social media platforms engaged with women via Facebook and Twitter. Like minded content and creative posts drove interest and tapped into wider consumer lifestyle habits and interests. Blogger activity and presence at consumer events maximized social channels, ensuring all activity was integrated.

Over 35 pieces of blogger coverage with a reach of over 2 million was generated during the six month campaign on high-reaching health, lifestyle and parenting blogs. A strong and growing community was also built on social channels with over 6000 followers on Facebook and 1,738 on Twitter with a month-on-month increase in engagement.

Stur flavours