Flexible food packaging that behaves just like an orange peel… We’re delighted to announce that Storm has been appointed by Tipa Sustainable Packaging to launch its fully compostable and bio-degradable plastic food packaging in the UK.

Plastic used across international value-chains for food and beverage packaging accounts for a staggering two-thirds of the world’s plastic waste. As such, sustainability and green packaging remain a critical topic for the food industry as it looks to eliminate waste in all forms within the supply chain, as well as meeting EU guidelines and industry self-regulation commitments.

With the same end of life organic waste properties as the food it wraps, Tipa’s innovative packaging is just as transparent, durable and impermeable as ordinary plastic packaging yet it returns to nature with no harmful impact on the environment, unlike other commonly used materials on the market. This means consumers can simply dispose of food packaging as they do with their food waste – into the food waste stream or by using a composter.

Storm has been brought on board to drive awareness of this revolutionary packaging material across the packaging, food manufacturing and grocery retail trade media, as well supporting Tipa’s appearance at the 2016 PPMA Total Show in September.

For further information, please contact Beki McVicker on 020 7240 2444 or email tipa@stormcom.co.uk