benenden National Health Report

As part of an on-going awareness driving campaign, Storm created the National Health Report for benenden. For 3-years in succession, the report gauged the nation’s health, positioning benenden as a leading authority on health and wellbeing.

The three reports all tackled a different health issue through a survey of 4,000 people. Each report created a strong news hook to capture the media’s attention and provided a range of stats that would produce significant features as well as top line news stories. In year one, we looked at a range of health indicators such as BMI, sleep patterns, exercise, lifestyle choices and created Mr & Mrs Average; in year two we looked at the cost of procedures on the NHS; and in the final year we explored people’s attitude and approach to health, coining the phrase ‘drunkorexia’ to explain the worrying trend of young women substituting food with alcohol to reduce calorie intake.

On average, each report achieved over 120 items of coverage. Highlights included a double page spread in The Sun and a significant feature on Mail Online, which generated over 1m clicks to benenden’s website in year one; a 15 minute segment on BBC Radio 5 Live and blanket national coverage in year 2; and 10 national features and interviews on Victoria Derbyshire, Talk Radio and London Live in year 3. Overall benenden credited this activity alone in driving more hits to its website than any of its SEO campaigns.