Bio Collectors

Storm was appointed by Bio Collectors – London’s largest food waste collection and anaerobic digestion recycling plant – to raise awareness of its services in London and campaign for change in the way businesses and councils collect food waste.

An in-depth report, researched and written by Storm, was the central point of the campaign and looked at how London councils collected food waste. The findings showed that many were sending their waste to incineration or landfill, rather than anaerobic digestion, enabling us to put pressure on councils and businesses to separate their food waste and use as a news hook for the national and London media. This was complemented by a thought leadership campaign in key news and trade media, positioning Bio Collectors at the heart of the food waste debate.

Phase two of the campaign targeted policy makers at DEFRA, EFRA and City Hall, with members from EFRA and the London Assembly visiting Bio Collectors’ plant for a full tour. Copies of the report were also sent to relevant policy makers and influencers to create debate and discussion.

Media highlights included a double page spread in the London Evening Standard, which highlighted Bio Collectors as a company helping to reduce the impact of the capital’s food waste on the environment.

Local MP, Siobhain McDonagh, Leonie Cooper, Chair of the Environment Committee, and Caroline Russell, Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee, are just a few of the key public officials who toured the plant. As a result, Caroline Russell amended an official briefing for London Mayor Sadiq Khan to include a new leaning towards anaerobic digestion and the importance of reaching AD capacity in the UK.

Bio Collector’s biggest ever business win also came about as a direct result the campaign. By building a relationship with Emma Beale, Managing Director at West London Waste Authority, Storm set in motion the process by which Bio Collectors won a £3m contract to work with WLWA.