In the first of an occasional series about social media from the Storm Communications digital team, we’re looking at Twitter cards and how they could work for your brand.

In a nutshell, Twitter cards are a way other than simple text to keep your followers interested in your content by delivering your tweet more effectively. Twitter cards allow you to present your tweet with the addition of rich content such as photos, videos and statistical tools. In our experience, they work remarkably well for both B2B and consumer brands.

Mahabis Twitter Card

Mahabis combine an advertising campaign with a tempting ‘shop now’ button.

Using codes to implement (or via the advertising dashboard) these cards can prove useful when posting recipes, news, gossip, or marketing your product/service.

Twitter card - Soundcloud embedded player

Twitter card – Soundcloud embedded player

There are seven card types to choose from: gallery cards, single photo cards, summary cards (text details), summary cards with photo, app cards, player cards that display videos and product information. These are used in conjunction with call to action buttons e.g. for Tune Hotels’ latest hotel launch, we posted a memorable picture of the city of Liverpool with. a book now button.

Lead generation Tiwtter card

Meridian & Co. use a Twitter card to drive leads.

For a more technical deep dive, take a look at Twitter’s own guide.