Discover the edge PR can give your start up or small business

Squall is our essential, focused service for start-ups and small brands where budgets are tight. We understand for many small, start-up or cash focused businesses, agency public relations support can be seen as expensive, even though it’s understood that great coverage in trade and consumer can be a powerful business and sales tool. The leap of faith required to invest in PR for the first time can be daunting.

It is true that a good, full service PR Agency isn’t cheap but not to use the power of PR can be a mistake.  It’s also true that all too often people have had bad experiences of PR, and are wary of making the same mistake again.

That’s why we have created Squall, a fixed, low price, stripped back, but essential service which cuts out most of the-nice-to-have but not always vital elements like complex reporting procedures, and frequent face-to-face meetings for example.

Squall delivers just what you need; portion-controlled media coverage, and/or social media cut through, that will get you noticed, helping you get listings or drive customers to buy your products or services. And you’ll get this from a professional, highly experienced team. As your business grows, you can scale up in easily understood, and clearly priced steps.

You will benefit from the knowledge that you are not committed to high costs when your business is growing, but are employing a service that has the highest professional standards (Member of the Public Relations Consultants Association), and all the expertise and support of a full service established PR agency.

Our client experience includes:

Nim's Fruit Crisps

Hampstead Tea

Hideout House

Mighty Fine Honeycomb