Last weekend, Stormies Amber Parkin and Lucy Hancock spoke on a panel of experts at the year’s tastiest conference, Food Blogger Connect at Chiswick House. Delicious food and stunning location aside, the event saw the great and the good of the blogosphere convene in West London to garner some astute insights into everything from taking a great photo to monetising their blogs.

We’ve compiled some of the best nuggets of advice from our session on working in the industry for all you would-be bloggers…

  • Approach working with brands and PR agencies from as a longer term relationship rather than a one-off project. Like with any good supplier, if you’re easy to work with, deliver on time and within brief, it’s more than likely we’ll look to work with you again.
  • In order to demand fees for your work, be clear where your strengths lie, figure out your bottom line and behave like a business – be professional, be clear and concise and add value where possible.
  • Sell yourself. Provide a succinct overview of your selling points – synergy with the brand, influence and reach online and on social channels, awards and anything extra you can add to a campaign such as great images or linking to other blogger friends.
  • Timing is key. Brands and PRs won’t necessarily have budget set aside for blogger activity all year round. Most annual planning and budget approvals happen towards the end of the year and in March ahead of the new financial year. These are the best times to seek out opportunities to work with brands or send over information on your offering.
  • Be transparent and make it obvious when content is sponsored. A good rule of thumb is that any sort of payment along with creative control is classified as an advert. Follow the CAP code –  it’s easier than you think – they even have a free helpline where you can get anonymous advice!

If any bloggers out there are keen to get in touch with the Storm team, just drop a line to us at – we’d love to hear from you!