We’re excited to announce that we have created a new international PR alliance with three other agencies, to start to offer businesses a global service.

With an increasing amount of companies looking to expand overseas, this new strategic partnership is a great way to provide businesses with PR and communications support across the world through a network of respected agencies.

Storm is one of the founding agencies in Crossborder Public Relations: A Global Alliance – along with The Marino Organisation, based in New York, Italian agency Say What?, and property specialist Porterfield Public Relations. More agencies from Europe, the Middle East and Asia will be joining the alliance over the coming months.

As the UK branch of the alliance, we will be working with the other agencies to pitch for new business both at home and abroad, while providing on-the-ground PR and communications support for businesses looking to raise awareness of their products and services in the UK.

For further information, contact Storm Communications CEO, Derek Lowe, on 020 7240 2444.