• Objective of becoming the top performing artisan snack company on LinkedIn
  • Targeting key trade contacts with savvy boosting
  • Creating awareness of business updates

Total Engagements
Length of Campaign (months)

To help with trade sales and achieve more listings, Burts wanted to create a strategic LinkedIn plan that would help drive this and build relationships with key contacts. Burts’ tone of voice was key to making the posts stand out to a trade audience, making them fun and engaging whilst ensuring the key messages were getting through.

Budget was allocated to boost posts during key periods of the year. This maximised reach to target those who may not already be following the brand as well as push the content to Burts’ existing audience. This generated better engagements on posts as well as increasing follower growth too.

Not only has this new approach on LinkedIn been recognised internally within the business, but it’s also been acknowledged by major retailers and assisted with conversations to convert trade sales. It has also achieved Burts’ ambition of being the top performing and most vocal artisan snack producer on LinkedIn.

Burts maple pigs in blankets crisps
Muddy footprints message
Burts spuds give us some skin
Burts farmers selfie in Potato field