• Generating awareness of the ‘new’ brand to UK
  • Creating share of voice in competitive vegan market
  • Reaching beyond vegans to mainstream ‘flexitarians’

Pieces of Coverage
Campaign Length (Years)

As plant-based diets became more mainstream in the UK, Storm ensured Follow Your Heart was at the forefront of shoppers’ minds with a hard-working and always-on media relations and influencer campaign.

A steady drumbeat of consumer coverage was achieved by tapping into taste tests, diary dates, using creative media drops and recipe slots. Trade coverage focused on contributions to features using key vegan and sustainability trends. This helped establish Follow Your Heart as a leading voice in the industry.

To achieve cut through in a crowded social space, Follow Your Heart ‘brand super-fans’ where identified. They received regular creative media drops, including ‘Hello Fresh’ style recipe boxes and Veganuary ‘SOS kits’.

For World Vegan Month, Follow Your Heart partnered with plant-based restaurant Wulf & Lamb to create a special brunch dish on their menu using the brand’s Greek Style Crumbles. Media and influencers were invited and 15 came to try out the brunch dish and share via social media.

A FYH cookery school was also created for Veganuary 2022. Influencers were invited to come along and learn how to cook vegan first-hand, showing how diverse the ingredients can be.