• Launched and established brand and its credentials in a crowded and own-brand dominated market
  • Supported key listings with leading retailers
  • Demonstrated the brand’s quality and affordability

Pieces of coverage
Campaign Length (months)

Furi is one of Australia’s leading knife brands but in a crowded and often own-brand-dominated UK market, the brand needed to stand out and connect with a food-aware audience to build credibility and encourage purchase from launch.

An always-on consumer media campaign was put in place with the consumer home, food and lifestyle press. Targeting the new product and product testing pages, this activity was also complemented by a heavy focus on key gifting times of the year, such as Christmas, Father’s Day and the wedding season.

High-reaching food and lifestyle influencers were also approached on a #gifted basis due to the high value and desirability of the products, while Facebook was used as the main social media channel to reach a specific retailer-linked target audience.

During the campaign, coverage was achieved in titles such as The Independent, Good Housekeeping, S magazine (Sunday Express supplement), House Beautiful, Progressive Housewares, Gift Focus and Housewares magazine. The Facebook campaign reached over 25,000 with a high engagement rate of 4.3%.