• Building brand in an own-label dominated market
  • Overcoming consumer scepticism
  • Achieving significant media exposure year round

Pieces of Coverage
Campaign Length (months)

E-Cloth is the environmentally friendly chemical-free cleaning solution. It’s a micro-fibre cloth that provides perfect cleaning of dirt, dust and grime with simply just water.

However consumer scepticism on its effectiveness was a barrier to its success and a home brands pr campaign was devised to help break down these negatives and to demonstrate all the areas that E-Cloth could be used around the home and outside.

Hard-working media relations formed the backbone of the home brands pr campaign, highlighting new products, achieving product reviews to help credibility, and using its eco-credentials as a reason to trial. A key partnership with leading TV ‘cleaning’ personality and media columnist Aggie MacKenzie was also negotiated, providing a trusted source for cleaning tips in the Spring and Autumn using E-Cloth.