Published On: 16/05/20231.7 min read

At Storm PR we’re passionate about brands that are good for the planet which is why we’re truly delighted to be running a B2B PR campaign for GUNNA drinks. GUNNA are an eco-conscious brand who make ridiculously tasty craft lemonade with natural ingredients and lower sugar.

B2B PR Campaign for GUNNA drinks

We’re used to working on all manner of packaging and sustainability activations at Storm PR and our client portfolio includes other eco-conscious brands such as ProCarton and DuraKerb. That’s what makes us a great fit for GUNNA drinks and why we’ve been selected as their PR agency.

Who are GUNNA drinks?

GUNNA is a drinks brand whose specialty is making craft lemonade with natural ingredients and lower sugar. They’re not afraid to challenge traditional ‘big soda’ brands and they aim to set a precedent for making a meaningful difference in the industry. You can currently find GUNNA drinks across a variety of retail, out-of-home, food-to-go and online outlets.

GUNNA’s 4 eco pledges:
  1. Double carbon offset: They offset 2g of carbon for every 1g that’s created making GUNNA.
  2. Infinitely recyclable: GUNNA is available in aluminium cans and bottles.
  3. Picking up competitor’s crap: They invest their profits into The Clean Oceans Project.
  4. Ban plastic. GUNNA is campaigning to ban plastic drinks bottles and switch over to cans and glass instead.

How Storm PR are getting involved

We’re helping GUNNA by creating a B2B PR campaign to bolster visibility for the brand and its enviro-centric ethos. We’ll be coming on board to support the launch of some seriously exciting product development from the brand and helping to push ahead on the brands mission to put sustainability firmly at the forefront of the soft drinks industry.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to give them a follow at @gunnadrinks.

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