Published On: 25/05/20172.3 min read

At Storm we pride ourselves on providing well-rounded, engaging internship opportunities. We asked a recent work experience candidate, Sosa, to share her thoughts on her experience at Storm:

Applying to intern at Storm, I had absolutely no expectations. That may seem odd given the fact that Storm Communications is a well reputed Food, Drink and Well-being PR company. Perhaps I should have geared myself up to be inundated with all the menial tasks such as photocopying and tea-making – after all a lot of internships consist of this.

However, I found myself pleasantly surprised! Firstly, it was because everyone at Storm was so welcoming. After meeting the team, I felt quite comfortable, more than I had when starting out in a new place in the past. I was able to use this to my advantage; I could communicate with the team effectively without having to worry too much about saying the wrong thing.

I was also given my own desktop, email and extension number. This may seem inconsequential, but it went a long way to making me feel part of the team – ready to get stuck in.

The work experience was also catered to thearea of PR I wanted to learn about; Consumer or B2B (Consumer for me!). This was great because it allowed the Consumer team to prepare what I would be doing and gave me the opportunity to develop specific existing skills or learn new ones. For example, I was tasked with helping to create monthly social media plans for clients, improving my creative and copy-writing skills. Gorkana and Kantar Media (content management tools) became my best friends and I learnt how to navigate around them with ease. I also love the fact I was encouraged to get involved with discussions – I participated in a team brainstorming on my first day!

I gained more experience of agency life in general such as learning to scan the papers for specific information and keeping abreast of current affairs. I also got to join in on the WOW of the month, where team members battle it out for the best PR coverage. Not only did I get to see what everyone got up too, but I saw the infallible sense of team spirit and ambition at Storm. As well as being willing to get involved in whatever, whenever and retaining a positive disposition doing it.

In all, it was a fantastic two weeks. Though I began with no expectations, I left with two. Come with a strong work ethic and an inquisitive mind. If you have both outlooks, not only will you survive in PR, you’ll thrive.

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