Published On: 13/04/20211.4 min read

Welcoming our magical new client The Cauldron Co. to the Storm roster, with fans of the magical world on the team raising their glasses (and wands) in cheer! 

As a technology-led entertainment studio, The Cauldron delivers fantastical, wizard-themed hospitality experiences that celebrate concepts from fantasy novels and magical lore, all brought to life by science, technology and design. With venues in London, Edinburgh and New York, spellbinding days out allow guests to brew drinks using interactive magic wands, wonder at molecular mixology and more.

We’re working on a programme of consumer media outreach and influencer link-ups to support the business’ reopening London venues, The Cauldron in Dalston and the Wands & Wizards Exploratorium in Soho, as well as launching activations including a ‘Wizard’s Afternoon Tea’ Experience with Elvin scones, dehydrated Skittles and a wand-controlled tea station topped with a glowing dragon egg, plus the world’s first interactive, 4D workshop magic wand building workshop. We’re also donning a mask of a different kind and sweeping a cape over our shoulders to support with the launch of its latest venue in Hoxton… a homage to the superheromultiverse and a must-visit for comic book lovers, superhero superfans and anyone who doesn’t want to grow up just yet! To check out some of their hospitality experiences, visit

The Cauldron Co., has also just launched a crowdfunded campaign, Equity For Magic, raising investment, capital at risk, to help the business further expand its fantastical, make-believe immersive experiences to more people. To find out more, become a shareholder and help the business breathe a bit more magic into the world, visit