Published On: 28/03/20182.8 min read

Our lovely intern from Malaysia, Fathima Miah, spent 11 weeks working within the consumer and corporate teams at Storm.  Here she reflects on her time in the UK, what she learnt during her time with us, and what her advice would be to others looking to gain a taster of what it is like to work in the fast-paced world of PR.


Did the placement match your expectations?

Well to be honest, I didn’t have any expectations starting out and if I did, it was that I would be doing some admin work here and there.   So, if anything, working at Storm has surpassed my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly everyone was and the overall atmosphere of the office.


What skills did you learn?

I learnt how to converse with journalists and bloggers, which is something I have never done before, and it was quite daunting at the start.  Another is creating pitch emails and learning about different writing styles. I’ve also never drafted social media content before, so it was exciting to be given that freedom to be creative.


What were the biggest challenges?  

I wouldn’t say I had any big challenges, mainly because if I was unsure about something, I would ask a colleague and they would help.  However, if there was one it was calling up people on the phone in a professional manner. Throughout my time at Storm I was given tasks where I had to speak to journalists and although it was a bit intimidating at the start, I learnt lots and now feel very comfortable to hit the phones.


What have you learnt about yourself from the internship? 

I’ve learnt how to prioritise work and fit everything in. There were times, especially at first where the work seemed overwhelming but I soon realised it was all doable by managing my time properly and allocating enough time for each job.  I also leant it was OK to ask for help.


What did you enjoy the most and least?

The music! It was great to come into the office every day and have music playing in the background – it adds to the friendly atmosphere Storm has.  I really enjoyed the balance of the office, being relaxed yet at the same time working hard and professionally.


There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like, but if I had to pick one it would probably be the packing jobs that needed to be sent to the post office, but again it wasn’t too bad.


Did it provide a good insight into the world of PR? 

Definitely. I learnt and saw first-hand how PR is conducted and how you converse with a variety of people in this job.  Storm’s ‘Wow of the Month’ sessions where you all shared your best coverage for clients, was really impressive and has made me even more determined to work in the industry.  It was really satisfying when I could actually show coverage myself too and I feel part of the company as a result.


What advice would you give to other interns?

Just do it!  It’s great fun and you’ll learn loads, so what’s stopping you.


If you would be interested in applying for an internship or work placement at Storm, email for an application pack.