Published On: 26/03/20242.5 min read

Written by Storm’s broadcast PR agency and TV and radio media specialists, Shout! Communications.

According to RAJAR, the radio industry official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, more than 49.5 million adults listen to the radio at some point each week. So, if you want brand awareness and a massive number of people to hear about what your company, brand or organisation is doing, then a broadcast PR and a radio day is definitely the way to go.

If you love a stat the total number of weekly hours listened to this quarter is 1.013 billion hours.

Broadcast PR: Why radio days still pack a punch

Typically, it’s the BBC radio stations – perceived as trusted and informative – that clients want most, but in terms of reach, national commercial stations are where the listeners are tuning in, nudging them ahead with a 54% share of audience. Radio 2, for example, is losing listeners to Heart and LBC.

Not every station though is after the same audience. That means you can target your radio PR campaign accordingly. BBC regional radio stations, for example, attract a predominantly older audience, while Heart stations have more female listeners and BBC Radio 5 Live has more men than women tuning in.

Easy listening, multi-platforms

Anywhere, anytime – at home, the office or in the car. That’s part of the joy of radio. It’s easy for listeners to tune in and not just the old way. Research, again by RAJAR, claims 70% of the population tunes into radio digitally each week, on a speaker, an app or a smart phone.

A trusted friend

Unlike social media, online and even print, people trust broadcast PR. They believe what they hear. That’s one of the reasons we turn to radio and television to hear about a big breaking story like the death of Queen Elizabeth or the current conflict in Gaza. Other media reports are often anonymous, but on radio you hear from named presenters and personalities that as a listener you have grown to know. BBC checks and verifies information before it appears on their platforms including radio.

Radio is an intimate medium. When you listen to a radio programme on a regular basis it’s almost like listening to a friend. And that station loyalty, by association, can reflect well on any brand that is featured on it.

Rules of engagement

We all love a story and that’s what radio does best. With national or regional radio, the style might be different, but the rules are the same. Our attention spans are not good at the best of times, but when we’re listening to the radio, we’re most likely doing something else as well. If you can sum up your story succinctly in a sentence, then its ready to go on the radio.

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