Published On: 23/05/20232.3 min read

In the rapidly evolving social media landscape, Twitch has emerged as a powerful platform for connecting with audiences through live streaming and interactive content.

With more than 140 million monthly active users, 80% of which are male and two-thirds under the age of 35, Twitch provides the ideal vehicle for brands to foster meaningful connections in the digital age.

Despite its popularity, its limited user demographic means that large swathes of the population have never heard of Twitch, let alone spent time on the platform. For the uninitiated, Amazon-owned Twitch was initially known as a hub for gaming enthusiasts. Gamers can watch and perform live play-throughs and commentary. In many ways, it is the antithesis of Instagram. Instead of carefully styled shots and filtered videos, content on Twitch is hyper-real and unedited. Videos and live broadcasts that show life as it happens.

While gamers still dominate the platform, the appeal of Twitch’s long-form content has expanded to other areas of popular culture, from music and art to food and drink. This makes it a potentially valuable tool for FMCG brands looking to enhance awareness. With community the beating heart of the platform, it’s crucial to do this in a way that resonates with its users. We have outlined the three most tried and tested ways brands can do this…

Embrace the power of live-streaming

Twitch’s core feature is its live streaming functionality, enabling brands to engage with their audiences in real time. PRs can leverage this by organising live Q&A sessions, product launches, or behind-the-scenes tours. Each offering authentic and transparent views of their organisation. Live streaming on Twitch cultivates a sense of urgency and exclusivity and fosters genuine connections between brands and their audience. This is something which traditional social media platforms can struggle to achieve.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing has become an essential component of many PR campaigns. Twitch offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with streamers. These streamers have built dedicated and engaged communities that trust their opinions and recommendations. PR can establish partnerships with relevant Twitch streamers. These can then feature and endorse their products or host sponsored events on a commercial or gifted basis. This is something that fast food outlets, snack products and drinks brands have done to great effect.

Leverage its advertising options

As with all established social media platforms, Twitch offers various advertising options for brands that can be utilised strategically alongside more subtle PR efforts. In addition to traditional display and video ads, invest in native ad formats like sponsorship, overlays, and branded content integrations.

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