Published On: 21/11/20191.7 min read


  • Campaign reach in excess of 450 million, with 12 pieces of national coverage secured and 70% of coverage appearing in tier 1 titles.
  • Press coverage directly achieved business leads from as far afield as South Africa.


Checkpoint Systems is a leading theft prevention solutions provider. As shoplifting techniques become more sophisticated, so too have the solutions to prevent them. The phenomenon known as ‘wardrobing’ – buying items with the express intention of returning them – has become a perennial problem for retailers. However, in early 2019 there was simply no data about what wardrobing was costing the retail industry.

In order to cement Checkpoint’s position as a thought leader on this issue and promote their innovative solution – the R-Turn Tag, we conducted research that identified consumer attitudes and actions towards wardrobing. Incredibly, it showed that one in five UK consumers have wardrobed before, costing retailers around £1.5bn every year in handling returns.

The findings of the survey formed the basis of a hard-hitting consumer affairs release, which was run by the I, Daily Mail, Guardian, Metro,, the Sun and You magazine, alongside graphics showing Checkpoint’s R-Turn Tag.

Leading apparel trade titles Drapers and Just-Style also ran features on the research, highlighting the R-Turn, as did top security titles Global Security, LP Magazine and Professional Security. Despite only referencing UK consumer attitudes, the story was also picked up by international news titles as far as field as Germany and New Zealand.

To add a visual element to the findings, infographics were produced and made available on the Checkpoint website, and we also compiled a whitepaper which was hosted behind a download wall, allowing the company to record and develop leads.

Commenting on the campaign, Checkpoint’s UK Marketing Manager said: “We knew that wardrobing was a real problem, but this consumer survey truly revealed the extent of the issue for UK retailers. We were delighted with the coverage across national and trade titles, putting Checkpoint at the forefront of the issue and giving us a platform to explain how our R-Turn Tag successfully prevents fraudulent returns.”