Published On: 12/06/20243 min read

Creative confidence is fascinating. It’s highly individual. It’s highly changeable, even for the most senior of PR people and most seasoned of creatives. And the good news is, it’s highly achievable.

In so many ways, creative confidence is the key to unlocking both a healthy relationship with creativity and perhaps more importantly, individual creative ability. When someone’s creative confidence is high, they gain a wonderful sense of creative freedom. They create with ideas with ease. They relish building on the ideas of colleagues. They hoover up creative inspiration. They inspire others. They don’t fear failure.

But there’s a plot twist. The PR industry, PR agencies and indeed clients don’t always do the greatest job of boosting and maintaining the creative confidence of PR professionals. For example, PR is a busy industry, and it can be challenging to find the time for creativity…it’s hard to be confident about something there’s limited time to do. Brainstorms, most PR agencies most common source of ideas, often lack the vital elements people need to be creative…it’s hard to be confident if leaving most brainstorms is accompanied with a disheartened or deflated feeling. Client briefs, the starting point for creative ideas, can sometimes be confusing or lacking in the right information…it’s hard to be confident without confidence in what’s being asked of us.

But there’s good news. There are simple and practical behaviours that everyone can adopt to form positive creative habits, establish an active and successful relationship with creativity, supercharge idea generation and boost creative confidence. Here are three crackers…

Interact with ideas everyday. The likes of, and, to name just three, are full of the latest and greatest ideas and campaigns. Consider putting a recurring daily reminder in your diary to take just five minutes to interact with these sites, find an idea or two that interest you, read and think about the idea(s), come back tomorrow and do it all again.

Make creativity fun. Being happy makes you more creative. Positive moods have a positive effect on creative thinking by broadening your scope and allowing you to think more freely. Consider injecting some fun into idea generation. If youre leading a group brainstorm, add a fun warm up. If you’re brainstorming alone, use some playful techniques…more on these below.

Get a Bounce Buddy. Why do ad agency creatives often work in pairs? Because pairs feed off one another, debate and collaborate to create great creative work. Consider finding someone you might enjoy consistently bouncing things off of, discussing creative briefs with, creating and building ideas with, being inspired by and ultimately having your creative confidence boosted by.

If you’ve found this article interesting, ask yourself – “how creatively confident am I?” You can even score yourself out of ten. Regardless of the answer or the number you give yourself, adoption of these simple behaviours will boost and maintain your creative confidence over time…and with creativity’s essential ingredient firmly established, creativity becomes child’s play.

To learn more about creative confidence, discover more behaviours (and mindsets) that boost and maintain creative confidence and build a toolkit of the playful techniques referenced above, head to the Training section at and take a look at the overview of Creative Excellence Training.

Toby Harrison is a PR Creative, Strategic & New Business Consultant, and experienced creativity trainer … and friend of Storm’s!