Published On: 07/06/20221.8 min read

LinkedIn is the preeminent social media account for professionals, and at the last count it had 33 million users in the UK – roughly the same number of people that are employed in the UK. On paper, it is the obvious platform for B2B marketing. But here’s the rub: on average, users spend a meagre 17 minutes a month on LinkedIn. Compare this to social media behemoth Facebook, which boasts a daily dwell time of 33 minutes (or around 16 hours a month), and LinkedIn suddenly seems a little meh.

When it comes to leveraging social media for advertising, Facebook also wears the crown. Its advertising set up outranks the other platforms by its sheer efficiency, and most companies that have dipped their toes in the water of social media advertising know how cost effective it is. The challenge however is using Facebook to target B2B audiences, when there is no accessible data on Facebook that helps identify what industry they work in or their job title.

The Holy Grail for companies wanting to reach other businesses would be to somehow fuse LinkedIn’s enriched professional profile data with Facebook’s seductive average user times and economical advertising opportunities. Please welcome to the stage Phantombuster…

Phantombuster offers the Holy Grail of B2B advertising. It is a data extraction software solution which ‘scrapes’ LinkedIn for detailed profile data, including specific job titles, company names and email addresses linked to individuals’ LinkedIn accounts. Despite being a professional networking platform, the majority of accounts are connected to personal email address so as not to receive recruitment emails to their work inboxes. They use these same email addresses to log into their personal Facebook accounts, inextricably linking the two accounts from a data point of view.  

We can then use this intel to create a laser focussed target audience on Facebook and design B2B adverts for them, safe in the knowledge it will reach them and not consumers to whom the advert would be meaningless. It provides a clever, focussed and very cost-effective advertising tactic. 

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