Published On: 16/02/20231.3 min read

Back in November 2022 Storm Comms started working with Master of Malt. They wanted to deliver a significant online awareness boost for their Drinks by the Dram booze-filled advent calendars.

The products had strong natural appeal, so the activation was all about getting exposure to the right consumers ahead of December 1st to drive sales.

Each calendar featured 24 hand-waxed 30ml drams of spirits in a choice of rum, whisky, or vodka. As a high-value and desirable product, the strategy was to lean heavily into gifted influencer seeding. Tasked with sending at least 400 Drinks By The Dram advent calendars, we targeted highly specific influencers. We aimed to secure organic posts on a gifted basis, so we turned to our little black book of foodie and lifestyle influencers.

Allowing influencers to sign up for Master of Malt’s affiliate program added extra appeal. This allowed them to earn money each time one of their followers purchased a calendar. Furthermore, it encouraged them to do recurring stories using a swipe-up link. It gave followers more opportunity to click through and purchase. The activity was also supported with lower-level paid-for influencer activity. This was to deliver guaranteed, time-controlled posts and access to valuable swipe links and richer content such as reels.

In just six weeks, we generated over 800 influencer posts for Masters of Malt’s advent calendars. Moreover, several influencers posted multiple times, allowing us to deliver a final campaign reach of 10.9 million.

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