Published On: 14/12/20221.9 min read

Anyone who’s spent any time in a consumer media house will have witnessed the sheer volume of samples journalists receive on a daily basis.

From chocolates and champagne to the latest and greatest beauty, home and health products, samples are falling off journalists’ desks and it’s our job as PRs to make sure our client’s products are the ones claiming all the attention.

With fierce competition from brands all vying for media attention, it’s very easy for a journalist to miss a press release in their inbox, but when a glistening Christmas wreath brimming with branded baubles lands on their desk, it becomes a lot harder to overlook.

Enter the creative media drop. More than just a press release and more than just a sample in a box, the creative media drop is one of the best ways a brand can get their foot in the door with top tier journalists and it’s all about a creating stand-out package that will get media excited about a brand, giving them a reason to cover it.

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day date night hamper, a fresh food recipe box or an at-home cocktail kit, going the extra mile can help land all important editorial coverage over the course of a campaign. Not only do creative media drops help to line up quality coverage, but they also have the added benefit of sparking immediate social media coverage, with journalists often sharing the creative deliveries on their own social channels. This is where presentation is key and the more ‘Instagrammable’ the drop, the better. It is also important to bear in mind the sustainability of the packaging, the longevity of the products you’re sending (will your recipients really want to use branded mugs, glasses and bowls year-round?) and the timings – all key factors to ensure the delivery has the impact you’re looking for.

To inject some creativity into your press office and avoid your brand being one of the many samples in a pile on journalists’ desks, email us at to find out more information on how a creative media drop could work for your business.