Published On: 14/03/20230.7 min read

We’re excited to newly be working on a PR campaign to launch market-first ice cream brand SMUGGLERS, which has ambitions of opening up a new ‘added goodness’ sector within the ice cream category.

Smugglers Ice Cream

Smugglers will be launching non-exclusively into Waitrose this March with two delicious flavours – Chocolate with Beetroot and Vanilla with Parsnip – each pot contains just enough smuggled in vegetables so you can’t see or taste them, so now you get all the flavour but with a little added goodness in every scoop.

We’ll be supporting Smugglers launch with a robust trade, corporate and consumer press office, profiling the start-up with business press, gaining cut through in key trade title and landing product coverage in consumer food, lifestyle and parenting media.

Keep your eyes peeled for some ice cool coverage!