Published On: 20/03/20171.6 min read

Gone are the days when organic reach meant something on Facebook, or when you could scroll through your Instagram news feed chronologically, being able to see things in the order they were shared. Nowadays the content that fills each slot in a feed is determined by carefully honed algorithms designed to have you engage with what you’re seeing. The more you engage, the longer you stay on a channel, and the longer you stay on a channel the more opportunity there is to advertise to you.

This drop in organic reach has resulted in brands rushing to advertise and sponsor their posts in a desperate attempt to regain some of share of voice they previously had, but a side-effect of this is an assumption by the smaller players in the market that posting more frequently will somehow make up for the drop in reach and engagement. Understandably, those with limited social media advertising budgets are keen to do what they can to get their content in front of fans, but churning out posts in the hope that more people will see them can have the opposite effect thanks to ever-changing algorithms.

Instead, the focus should be on quality, curated content that really engages fans and followers. It’s better to post quality content four times a week than sub-par content eight times just for the sake of it, and of course each brand and channel is different. Reducing posts also means more time to spend crafting the remaining ones, allowing creators to consider the best approach in terms of tone, copy and creative, all of which go toward producing content that engages far more, and a better return on investment for clients.

At Storm Communications, we’re experts at making the most out of your budget, and whether you’re a small fish in a big pond or vice-versa, we’ll have a solution for you.