Published On: 07/06/20221.4 min read

Letters to editors commonly evoke thoughts of ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ types, lamenting some perceived societal slight. However, when used correctly, they offer a powerful PR tool to communicate brand messages that are otherwise hard to get editorial cut-through for.

Much overlooked, the letters to editor pages feature in most trade magazines, as well as national newspapers, so potential reach is wide and targeted – they are also typically very well read! 

While not all letters will be published, there are ways to increase the probability that publications will feature them:

  • Make them topical: respond to something that was written about in the publication very recently, or comment on something that is currently happening in your industry, to make sure they are timely and relevant. 
  • Have something new to say – you don’t need to be controversial per se, but you do need to provide a fresh angle to the narrative. 
  • Don’t just use the letter to get your name in print; although referencing your company or brand is a good PR tactic, the letter shouldn’t read like an advert – it will be a red flag to the editor, and they won’t use it.
  • Avoid getting carried away. If you write an essay, it may still be used but it is likely it will be heavily edited, and you risk your most important salient points being cut. Keep it concise and definitive.

So next time you feel passionate or disgusted about something in the news agenda, use the tools above to raise your head above the parapet and let your voice be heard.

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