Published On: 24/01/20241.1 min read

Storm’s Consumer PR and Corporate PR teams work with a number of brands bringing sustainable solutions to market. So, we are excited to be collaborating on a campaign creating a tidal wave of change.

The founder of anti-plastic campaigning soda brand GUNNA Drinks, is launching a completely new water brand, Water Almighty – the first aluminium bottled, functional water in the UK. This is set to take on the scourge of plastic bottles on our shelves. Meanwhile, on the back of a £1million investment, the founder has launched a brand new aluminium bottling facility near Leicester. The 8,000 sq ft site is the first in the UK and Europe with the capabilities to bottle drinks in aluminium beyond water, and will be bottling both GUNNA’s lemonades and Water Almighty.

Our strategy is simple yet powerful, to craft compelling narratives for the trade media that showcase the innovation and sustainability behind Water Almighty and The Sustainable Bottling Co. Each press release, article and feature will be a droplet in the larger storm, contributing to a wave of awareness through trade media outlets.

Join us on this journey unveiling Water Almighty and The Sustainable Bottling Co, and celebrating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future. Whats more, make sure to follow @gunnadrinks… where it all started!