Published On: 13/01/20222.9 min read

We all remember 2020 as the year that was hit by Covid, but it was also the year the social media sphere made way for video-focused platform, TikTok. Last year we wrote in our newsletter about how the young and dynamic social media channel’s figures went wild during lockdown and at the time, brands were still figuring out how to best use the channel. Now, we find ourselves fully immersed in the platform – and quite frankly, we can’t get enough.

We’ve learnt so much about TikTok this year, through running our own campaigns and seeing how other brands have utilised the channel, but also how it’s adapted too. Despite what many might think, it’s not just for Gen Z as now 39% of TikTok users are Millennials. It’s a community for everyone and there are thousands of SubToks that show this. No matter what you’re into, TikTok’s SubToks range from #TechTok, #CleanTok to even #KnitTok – there really is something for everyone. With such a variety of content being posted and going out to a wide audience that’s built up of more than just Gen Zers, it’s a platform that brands should be getting involved with. 

The golden rule for brands on TikTok is ‘Don’t behave like a brand on TikTok’. The platform is made for creators, not brands, so it just won’t work if your content is too polished or planned. It needs to be reactive, original and authentic. One brand that’s doing this well is Ryanair. The brand started the channel during lockdown and since then, they’ve grown a community of over 1.3m people. The content they use on TikTok is different to their other channels which is why it’s working – it’s completely original for that platform. 

So how do you win at TikTok content? Here are some of our top tips:

  • Forget being polished, be raw and enthusiastic – no matter how big the brand
  • Jump on viral moments and hashtag challenges when relevant – you need to be quick
  • Join the conversation and collaborate with creators who are in line with your brand
  • Think about how you can entertain and teach your audience at the same time – 84% of users said that a brand feels authentic when teaching them something
  • Music matters, so tap into trending songs to boost discoverability
  • And whatever you do, test small and see what the reaction is before you invest big

With plenty of brands joining TikTok, the app is looking into new ways of advertising and expanding its e-commerce capabilities. One of those is Livestream shopping, tapping into the rise of ‘social shopping’. It’s still in its infancy, but some retailers and brands are experimenting with the new format which allows users to watch online content and shop at the same time. 

Internal data from TikTok shows that one in four of its billion monthly global users either research a product or make a purchase after watching a TikTok video. With hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt being used 7bn times, it’s no wonder why the platform is getting in on the action. Shopping on social media is a force to be reckoned with so if you’re not already thinking about utilising e-commerce on TikTok, then why not?

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