Published On: 11/04/20191 min read

We’re super excited to start working on a new exciting campaign for premium bacon brand Denhay, where we’ll get to combine two of our main areas of expertise (and passions!) – delicious food and recyclable packaging.

Not only does Denhay’s award-winning bacon range taste exceptional, the company has been working hard to eradicate black packaging from its portfolio with the removal of 60 tonnes of black plastic from its factory annually. This marks a significant achievement with Denhay becoming the first premium bacon brand to move away from black plastic packaging.

In addition to a packaging refresh, Denhay is launching a new Smoked Thick Cut Wiltshire Cure which is set to offer an attractive alternative to other premium own-label products and excite foodies and bacon lovers everywhere.

The team will be outreaching to regional, consumer and trade press as part of the programme and working with influencers to help spread the word.  We can’t wait to see the delicious recipes and reviews on our favourite foodie blogs and social media platforms.

For more information, check out Denhay’s website and follow them on Instagram at @denhaybacon.