Published On: 28/05/20241.7 min read

E-newsletter strategy, do you have one? Should you have one? And what value do they bring to a marketing strategy?

If you think email marketing is an old form of communication, we’re here to tell to you think again. Read on to learn why e-newsletter strategy is coming back.

Businesses that maintained their e-newsletter strategy alongside their online presence are truly ahead of the curve. Why? Because evidently the real power lies in data. Understanding your customers, their preferences and their behaviours is the key to delivering more effective campaigns. Done right, e-newsletters can drive website traffic and conversions, clicks, conversion rates and engagement metrics. This can all provide immediate and tangible results. Data you can collect from a subscriber base can be used across your platforms to retarget audiences with personalised ads.

In a data-driven landscape, personalisation is key to impactful experiences. Given that a well curated e-newsletter lets you leverage customer data and tailor content based on user preferences. From personalised greetings to recommended products, you can run targeted campaigns that resonate with each subscriber.

However it’s not just about the data; e-newsletters can develop relationships with customers better than a snappy Instagram caption. Limitations of Meta’s algorithm means that only 10% of followers see your content organically. E-newsletters serve as a direct line of communication with your audience. Simultaneously they provide grounds for rich, long-form content that creates a better understanding of your brand, products and services. Delivering valuable content, insights, and updates fosters trust and credibility with subscribers. This is what lays the basis for long-term customer loyalty and advocacy.

Though it’s easy to overlook e-newsletters they can amplify your business message with minimal production costs. Getting email marketing right in a crowded space can earn you loyal customers.

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