Published On: 23/05/20231.2 min read

The media landscape is constantly evolving, with the term ‘gamechanger’ frequently used to describe potential disruptors gaining traction. One such standout is newsletter publisher Substack. Since its launch in 2017, Substack has seen significant growth, poised to revolutionise the newsletter publishing industry further. While some view Substack as the solution to traditional media’s decline, many are unaware of its existence.

Substack user reads content from newsletter publisher

For those not in the know, Substack serves as a platform for publishing email newsletters, allowing writers to deliver content directly to subscribers. Subscribers can choose to pay for full access or receive a limited selection for free. Additionally, the platform supports podcast hosting.

This subscription model empowers journalists by returning editorial control to their hands, enabling them to share their perspectives and generate revenue. Consumers benefit from curated content free from algorithms or clickbait, enhancing the reading experience.

Substack’s PR potential is particularly appealing to marketers. Subscribing to newsletters in your niche keeps you informed about industry news without editorial bias. Journalists can create paywalled content for engaged audiences, offering opportunities for pitches and collaboration.

We live in a time where commercial realities take the heart and soul out of traditional media outlets. In a shifting media landscape, Substack presents fresh avenues for exploration. If your brand isn’t leveraging it yet, reach out to see how we can support you: