Published On: 24/04/20242 min read

In the height of summer the last thing on most people’s minds is Christmas PR. However July marks the strategic kick-off to one of the most crucial sell-in periods of the year: Christmastime!

It might be counterintuitive to think about the festive period when the sun is shining. But for those of us in the Consumer PR world, planning for the Christmas season starts months in advance. Often requiring thorough preparation and timing to ensure products are featured in the coveted Christmas issues of various media outlets.

The concept of “Christmas in July” isn’t just a whimsical notion; it’s a strategic marketing tactic utilised by brands to capitalise on consumer spending habits and media planning schedules. Christmas PR is highly competitive for brands vying for attention and securing placement in key publications or programmes can significantly impact a brand’s visibility and – all importantly – sales.

Many magazines, both print and digital, plan their Christmas-themed issues months in advance. Well-established publications such as Good Housekeeping and BBC Good Food put their festive issues ‘to bed’ in July. This is why it’s imperative for PRs to be on the front foot and have copy and visuals ready to send to journalists in early summer.

This means brands need to provide their PR teams with the collateral they need by June at the latest. In order to spin them into PR material and ensure all editorial opportunities are maximised.

For brands with products with a festive skew, the period is so crucial for sales that they host ‘Christmas in July’ events. Journalists invited to immerse themselves in the ‘most wonderful time of year’ for a few hours. We know from speaking with journalists that most prefer a bespoke approach to Christmas product sell-ins. That’s whether it’s through deskside briefings or a one-to-one meal.

For those on the Christmas PR back foot, fear not. Weekly publications, websites and most newspapers have more time on their side. We have many ideal products for Christmas gifting or as ingredients in festive spreads so we’ll be selling in our clients’ products right up until the big man starts prepping his sleigh.

If you have a product that you want featuring editorially in December issues, drop us a line at Let’s discuss putting a Christmas sell-in schedule together.