Published On: 25/11/20191.2 min read

We go nutty for the latest health food trends here at Storm and with our newest client, Pure South Press, launching the UK’s first-ever macadamia nut oil available nationwide in the UK. Watch out coconut oil!

Praised for its heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, as well as being vegan-friendly and suitable for ketogenic and paleo diets, macadamia nut oil is set to be the new favourite salad topper, veggie roaster and baking ingredient.

Our fellow health nuts will be pleased to hear that unlike refined oils, Pure South Press’s Extra Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil retains its natural nutritional goodness, golden colour and deliciously versatile nutty flavour when cooked. The oil is cold-pressed and all natural, as well as being a source of vitamin E, a health boosting antioxidant.

Renowned for being the most expensive nut in the world and once a much-lauded secret of the beauty blogger set, Pure South Press is dedicated to making its health properties widely available and more affordable in an ethical and cost-effective way.

The team will be commencing a full force outreach to the consumer media to get the launch off to cracking start. We’ll be working with top nutritionists and our favourite foodie influencers to spread the word about 2020’s biggest new health trend.

For more information, check out Pure South Press’s website or find them on Instagram @puresouthpress.